A Canadian Player's Guide to Online Sicbo Gambling

Sic Bo is a game of chance, originating in China and played with three dice. Since the mid-1990s this oriental dice-wagering pastime has enjoyed increasing popularity in the West. Inevitably, it's begun to enjoy a following on internet casino sites too.

Essentially very easy to play once the wagering process and odds are understood, the biggest attraction is the ability to place combination bets. Combination betting is a method of hedging high risk/reward bets with those at the opposite end of the risk spectrum. This brief guide to online Sicbo gambling provides some basic information about the game, with an emphasis on how it can be accessed by internet players in Canada.

A Cross between Craps and Roulette

Unlike Craps, Sic Bo is a fairly passive way to wager on the outcome of dice rolls. The players never actually touch the dice. The dealer does the dice rolling, using a transparent mechanical shaker. The players simply place chips on marked sections of the table, before the dice are rolled. After the dice have been rolled, losing wagers are gathered up and winning bets are paid. While dice are used as the focus of wagering, the process is similar to Roulette.

The Table and Odds

The table has a rectangular wagering area, marked out into numerous wagering sections. Players can make low risk wagers, for example speculating on a low or high total of the three dice. These so-called high and low bets are even money wagers. At the other extreme, wagers can be placed on "doubles" and "triples". If someone wins a bet on a triple; all three dice showing the same number, the payout can be 150 to 1 or higher. Then there are mid-range wagers. Betting on a three dice total of 4 or 17, for instance, would be a mid-range wager, with a payout of around 60 to 1.

Online Sicbo Gambling

As the popularity of this game grows, players in Canada will be able to shop around for the best internet casinos at which to play. For those who'd like to sample the game, it's a good idea to look for a casino site which requires no download of software and offers free games for play money. The gaming table at first can appear quite complex. Not only that, but since the best chances of success are with combination bets, playing for free is a good way to get familiar with the odds and betting strategies.

Develop a System for Success

Just like any form of wagering, Sic Bo is best played to a system. Prospective players should first gain a clear understanding of the rules and odds. Then a sensible budget should be set along with a goal for winning. Progressive wagering strategies can be a good idea and are certainly more likely to yield results than playing on hunches. Most importantly, wagering should be fun. For those who can enjoy it for what it is, the Orient's cross between Craps and Roulette can be an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.