Online eSports

Online eSports

Gamers sign up at online casinos for several reasons. The best online casino is always subjective and varies from one gamer to another. A person might enjoy at this particular site, whereas that site may be avoided by other gamers. The key to finding the right casino for you and having a great time is in determining your preference and looking for a site that can cater to that. Gaming experience varies from player to player, and gamers generally have different preferences. However, these considerations can be basically classified into four: promotions, game selection, platform, and customer support. Games also come in a variety of categories, including table games, slots and online eSports.

More specifically, eSports, which is also known as pro gaming, is a gaming competition through electronic systems operated by humans. The 2017 Tech & Media Outlook by Activate estimates that the eSports industry is set to earn an annual revenue of more than $5 billion in 2020, which is higher than NHL ($3.7 billion) and NBA ($4.8 billion). Online eSports attract droves of gamers and fill large stadiums, and thousand of arenas for eSports are sprouting everywhere. If you are a Canadian looking to earn or simply enjoy or both this is newest trend in online gaming, then this online esports guide will come in handy.

Choosing Tournaments

Online eSports is basically video gaming professionalized. These days, gaming is not just a pastime of basement dwelling nerds but has become a career for skilled players. Players earn millions and sign multimillion endorsements, all because they are really good at playing games. Like other sports, skilled individuals come out of the pool and people love seeing the best players compete with each other. However, starting in this arena can be challenging, with all the games and players already on the line. There are no specific good games here. The good thing is any game can be used for competition. That said, a number of titles are favored in the circuit.

League of Legends

This is unarguably the most famous title in professional gaming. The world championships in 2014 was the most watched event in the industry that year. Approximately 67 million gamers play each month, and the game holds around 19.97% share of computer games played in January 2016. Clearly, the game has maintained its hype since it was launched.


This game has been a mainstay in online eSports, with gamers competing professionally since it was launched. The best title in the franchise is probably Halo 3 but all the titles, until Halo 5, have been used in eSports. Amusingly, the top 2 earners in the game are brothers.


Gambling is never without risks. But there are a lot of gambling sites that offer exciting action for eSports betting. Every headshot, last hit, and AOE attack matters right? eSports betting sites follow all the adrenaline action pumped out of your favorite games. Also, you can be updated on all major tournaments and be offered exciting odds. With more and more teams growing, it surely is exciting times for eSports betting.