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Daily Fantasy Sports 101 is an online gaming site which provides its readers information, guidelines, strategies, and tips about fantasy sports available online. This website was created in 2014 for the sole reason of aiding and assisting the new players of fantasy sports on the proper gameplay, as well as where to play legitimate fantasy sports platforms.

Some of these fantasy sports games include famous games such as Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, NASCAR, and Mixed Martial Arts. These games are given individual platforms where their game rules, scoring method, and other similar guidelines are explained.

This site features valuable information which they consider are helpful to their readers. They are veered towards giving their audience entertaining, exciting and educational information regarding fantasy sports. The site also provides gameplay screenshots and visuals for their audience's better understanding.

Compared with other gaming sites, Daily Fantasy does not focus on giving its readers recommendations on which team or player to choose, as well as lineup strategies and in-game play call tips.

In terms of its legality, Daily Fantasy Sports 101 in most states of the United States and Canada. In these regions, real money wagers are legal except for the states of Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, and Iowa - which prohibit daily fantasy platforms. But there are only a number of proven online sites which provide legitimate daily fantasy forums.

These include gaming sites such as Draft Kings, Fan Duel, Draft Pot, Draftday, and Victiv. These platforms are considered as the biggest, most respected, and top rated fantasy gaming sites in the sporting industry.

Daily Fantasy 101 also hosts different tournaments and contests anyone may enter. These include competitions like Beginner's Only contest, Sit-N-Go's, Double Up Games, Large Tournaments, and many more.

This gaming site also promotes its regular promos, special rewards, and incentives for its visitors.

Overall, Daily Fantasy Sports 101 has been a helpful fantasy sports platform for those who are starting out in the industry, as well as those who wants to be informed of the existing fantasy sports games. This earns the site a 4 out of 5 rating for being an informative, helpful, and credible fantasy sports platform in the market today.