Online Craps is Easy to Learn

Online craps is incredibly popular in Canada so it comes as no surprise that thousands of people want to learn how to play this game each and every day. Fortunately, craps rules are easy to learn; however, they are difficult to master.

The Basics

This is an offering in which no skill is required because it is all based upon probability. The player, or the 'shooter' as he or she is known in this game, has the same chances of rolling any number combination from roll to roll. There is nothing that the shooter can do to affect the outcome of any given roll, but he or she can make wise betting decisions in order to better manage the bankroll. It is played with two standard dice with six sides each and there are two phases: the come out phase and the point phase.

The Two Phases

The first part of learning to enjoy this offering comes with learning about the two phases. In the come out phase, the shooter will roll the two dice and attempt to get either a seven or 11 to win instantly. If a two, three or 12 is rolled, this is called 'craps' and the player loses the game. However, if any other non-winning or non-losing number is rolled, then the sum of the dots on the dice indicates the 'point'. In the point phase, it is the shooter's goal to roll the point a second time before a seven or an 11 is rolled.

Available Bets

There are literally dozens of bets that can be placed in online craps, but new players will do well to stick with the 'Don't Pass' bet in which the win/loss scenario is reversed. This simply means that the shooter would win with a two, three or 12 and lose with a seven or 11. Aside from this, there are many different side bets that players can place in order to increase their odds of winning or even boost the amount they can win. However, it is important to remember that this title is one that is purely luck; there is never any way to determine the outcome of any throw of the dice.

Some Tips

One of the best thing that anyone who is new to this game can do is play free craps online. With this, he or she can learn the basics, try out some betting strategies and get used to the overall layout. Again, sticking with Don't Pass or even Pass Line bets is always a great choice since these pay out even money and have some of the best odds. Of course, due to the numbers on the dice, it is mathematically sound choice to place wagers on either six or eight. This is because there are many combinations that can create these sums.

Getting into Big Money

It is recommended that everyone take the time to do their research prior to investing any real money in this internet offering. The rules of the game are fairly straightforward, but mastering it and learning the odds behind it can be a bit of a challenge.